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The 42nd Annual Model A Ford Texas Tour
Georgetown, Texas, USA - June 9-12, 2005
Hosted by Lone Star Model A Ford Club
of Georgetown, Texas
Historical Information Only!

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Worthy of note: Uncle Bob Willis of the Dallas Model A Ford Club has attended 40 of the 42 Texas Tours.

Tour Number 1: Given to Joe Keasler whose father, Bob Keasler, a member of the Fort Worth Club, attended the first 40 Texas Tours, always driving the same Model A. Last year he missed the 41st Texas Tour due to illness and passed away last fall. We were planning on retiring the registration number "1" (like a Dallas Cowboy jersey) but when Fred Carlton talked to Joe Keasler about our plan to honor his Dad and retire the number, he indicated that he wanted to come and drive the same Model A his Dad drove to the first 40 Texas Tours. Joe attended the first Texas Tour with his Dad in 1964 at Mineral Wells, Texas at age 3. Joe is now 45 years old and drove his Dad's Model A to the 42nd Texas Tour. That Model A has attended 41 of the 42 Texas Tours. (Fred Carlton)

On the Grand Tour we had to change the left rear tire just as we got back to and were entering Georgetown. Only minor thing-a-ma-bob for us. GREAT EVENT THANKS TO ALL LONE STAR MEMBERS WHO HAD A HAND IN IT! ! ! ! !  (Dave Carey)

The pilot flying the 60-year-old B-25 bomber (Devil Dog) during the low-level flyover at the Veteran's Tribute at the Veteran's Memorial Plaza on Friday evening (June 10, 2005) was an 83-year-old retired Air Force Colonel who lives at Sun City who taught other pilots how to fly the B-25 during World War II. He is a 23 year career U.S. Air Force veteran whose name is Al Tally and he is Tour Co-Chairman Sondra Carlton's father. (Fred Carlton, Tour Co-Chairman)

While watching the B-25 bomber fly over us, I happened to be standing next to an older gentleman. He said, "I haven't heard that sound since the end of World War II." (Web Mistress)

Also during the Bus Tour to the Capitol Building and the Bob Bullock Museum in Austin, Lone Star Model A Ford Club member, Matt Lindemann (a Texas Ranger who helped arrange our tour of the Capitol Building since his boss is head of Capitol Security) decided to take his 6-year-old daughter, Claire, to tour the Capitol in her Girl Scout Brownie uniform so she could earn a merit badge. While waiting for their time to tour the Capitol, he took the adorable little Brownie with her curly hair and missing front tooth across the street to walk around the Governor's Mansion grounds. The Governor's Mansion is not open to the public on weekends so he and Claire were just walking around the outside when a black Chevy Suburban with dark windows pulls up. The driver rolls down the window and asks him what he's doing there. As it turns out, the driver is a friend of the Texas Ranger's. When Matt tells him he is killing time before the Capitol tour and showing his 6-year-old daughter the Governor's Mansion, the back window of the Suburban rolls down and Mrs. Perry (the Governor's wife), says, "Well, why don't you bring that cute little Brownie inside and I'll give her a tour of the Mansion." Claire got the VIP treatment and had her photo taken on the staircase inside the Governor's mansion after her tour by Mrs. Perry. (Fred Carlton, Tour Co-Chairman)


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